Is there a way to set tuplets this way—without brackets (see image)— in the engraving options panel?
Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 11.19.42 AM.png

Not unless you split the beam between each group of tuplets, no.

Thanks. This is an engraving option that needs to be included, and I hope that it will be available in the next upgrade. I don’t think that this would be problematic to implement by the Dorico team.

Dorico has enough powerfull possibility to achieve it:

than you can use the mouse right button to split secondary beam
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Albinonius, I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t been included because Gould (and presumably other sources) consider it bad practice. As to expecting things to be available in next updates, it’s best to not put it quite like that - it tends to rub the development team up the wrong way :wink:

Pianoleo, I don’t think a suggestion in this forum should rub anybody in a any given way…this is not a club, but rather a forum for a wonderful notation program. I know Gould’s book very well, and her views reflect a particular house style, I.e. Boosey & Hawkes; however it is a very useful reference for notation issues.

I’m not disagreeing with your sentiment; I’m expressing that I suspect this is an intentional decision; not an oversight. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Thanks Pianoleo. It may be intentional, but it should be included as an option. I would only add a bracket if there is a rest at the beginning of the first tuplet. I have used all programs starting with Score and now finally using Dorico (bought it when it first came out) now at the Dorico 3 stage. I have used Sibelius for many years, and still use it, but feel that Dorico has come to a point that really beats all other programs. One of the most off-putting aspects with one of the programs I used was the sense that their developers “knew the score”-a perceived inflexibility- in the sense that I found them not too eager to listen to their users. I hope, and don’t think that this is the case with Dorico.

If that serves, I made myself a macro to remove the bracket and the number, as that’s something I use a lot. You could try and use the macro feature, and even make it to the keyboard shortcut json file…

BTW I checked Gould’s Book, and tuplets do not have brackets in groups with inner beams — see the attached image. On page 199 there are examples for when to use brackets. So, if Dorico abides to Gould’s view on tuplets/brackets, the default of inserting brackets in groups with inner beams in Dorico is not correct.

I would indeed be surprised if Dorico didn’t abide intentionally by the Gould standard on this, and would be curious to know their rationale for it.

Apparently they don’t, and the default for tuplets/brackets is not that Sterling!

Albinonius, there’s a bit of a mismatch now. I was editing my reply (to make it more precise.)

Thanks inthefold. Your original post sounded like a nice turn of words — I could not resist responding in kind! I would also like to know; I find the brackets in these kind of situations unnecessary and awkward. Gould’s “rules” for tuplets are absolutely correct.

Please accept profuse apologies, and disregard my previous input on this thread. I “misread” (misviewed?) your original image, Albinonius - I hadn’t clocked that the secondary beams were split. iPhone + jet lag = poor service from Leo. Sorry!

No apologies needed Pianoleo! We all go very quickly through these postings…

Have you tried the macro route? You could remove the bracket and have the secondary beam break in one go…

Thanks for your suggestion, MarcLarcher! I have not, but this should be available as part of the engraving options.