Turkish makams - contemporary music

I play the Turkish ney and besides playing the traditional repertoire I also compose and play contemporary music on the ney. I hope that Dorico will be useful for the Turkish makams as well as contemporary music. I’ll be happy to participate in any beta testing for this. See my youtube video for a taste of what I do on a one of a kind inox ney. All the best, Drake Mabry

Dorico should be reasonably useful for makam music, though perhaps not as ideally specialised as a dedicated tool like Mus2. However, you can certainly create a tuning system with 53 equal divisions of the octave and set up the necessary accidentals used in Turkish music, and then set up a custom key signature for the desired mode. We’re missing a bit of user interface in this area right now, but we hope it will be in place in time for the initial public release.

Will the necessary non-Western accidentals required for makam-based music be easily available in Doric?