Turn a stack off and on

Hello, I purchased VST Live a few days ago and am trying to familiarize with the structure, terminology. I am Cubase user, so I have a background in mixing. I have investigated the demo and the manual to understand some things and want to do something, but I can’t find the way. The closest I found in this forum what this thread:

I want to do the following:

In a part of a song, lets say Verse I, I have a stack where I loaded a phaser insert. But I want that this phaser is applied just in specific points and the rest of the time (inside Verse I) is muted. From the manual I understand that with a midi track I could control when the stack is muted or not. The same with individual effects inside the stack. For example, in the stack I have a phaser and an amp, but I want that the phaser goes off and on during Verse I. But I am lost on how to achieve that. Is it possible, for example to turn off the stack during Verse I and then to turn it on before Verse I ends?

Take a look into Actions/Schortcuts. There you can add a MIDI-CC to mute/unmute a stack or enable/disable specific inserts. The MIDI-CC can come from an external source (e.g. pedal) or from a MIDI track.

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Right, as Falfango said.
In the controlling track, use one of the Virtual MIDI Out ports (say, 2), and choose the same input number for the Stack/Insert MIDI (in the example that would be Virtual Midi In 2).

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Thank you, @Falfango and @musicullum
I set up this in actions/shortcuts

and assigned to the midi track the virtual midi out 6. But, which data should I write in the midi track self? I work with midi in a basic way, triggering VSTi.

First, assign a MIDI status. Any will do, best to take one of the “General Purpose” but it doesn’t really matter.
To mute Stack 1 at bar 5, create a MIDI track and a MIDI event there (double click on the track), locate where you want the mute to happen, open edit/MIDI List Editor and insert a controller and program it to match the one in the Actions.

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Thank you. I think I got it work.

I have just this list


so I picked (144) note on. Are those the only option for this kind of thing?

Then, in the midi track I have this

F-1 is 17 and I just used velocity at 100.

So the midi list editor looks like this

Marked in red box are the real events. The other ones were things I did and deleted before but they still appear here.

EDIT: little mistake: the first event is in position 2, bar 13.1. It is to mute the stack. The second event is in position 5, bar 14.1. That is to unmute the stack, sending the same again.

And this is in actions and shortcuts:

And the stack goes muted at bar 13.1 and unmuted at bar 14.1

Is this the right way to do this task? I am not that familiar with this kind of programming, so I must figure out some things.

What is if I choose in the midi list editor Source Data2? Result is the same, but I don’t understand why.

Thank you!

Sry just quickly reading/typing from phone. If u have issue with, I would try mode: toggle instead of btn if u have probl with, but can’t try if I’m right about. For 1st read, state change with the same noteON in btn mode meight not work correcty.

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Thank you. It has worked, actually, but I asked if that was the correct way to program it, because I find it a little cumbersome. Maybe there is an easier way.

And I don’t understand what should happen if I select “Source: Data 2” in Actions and Shortcuts, because I have same result. But it would good to know to future programs.

Usually, you take “Controller” in the “Status” column. It’s fine to take a “Note On” as you do, though.
MIDI Controller messages consist of 3 bytes, Status, data 1 and data 2. If the status is “Controller”, Data1 denotes which controller (you can check to see when you set status to “Controller” and click Data1, you get a list of controllers). Then Data2 is the actual value.
For other stati, Data1 can be chosen as the value source. Some MIDI stati even have only 2 bytes, there, Data1 is taken automatically.

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Thank you!

Now I programed it this way:

I didn’t write a key, but just controller 20.
I don’t know how to set value in controller 20, so I wrote it directly in the MIDI list editor.

But now it doesn’t work as UI button, sending same data, and I must change the UI to toggle. This way it works as intended!

Selecting source data 1 or 2 it doesn’t make a difference.

Later I tried to set controller 21 to turn off the third insert in the stack (stereo delay in chorus II demo file), with these settings:

But it doesn’ work. I tried with toggle, button, but it doesn’t turn off the stereo delay (stack’s third insert).

set data2 from to 0, and to to 127. That is the range. With “Button”, mute should go off when the sent data2 is 0-63, and on when it is 64-127 incl.

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right, thank you!

I tried now with button instead of toggle, controller 20. With 100 I mute the stack and with a 35 I unmute the stack.

But I am still unable to turn off the third insert in this stack, using controller 21. As the name is Insert3Enable I tried writing values less than and greater than 64, but both of them don’t turn off the insert.

Is the insert in the mixer or in the stack? If its in the stack it should be a second row in the stack tab.

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it is the third insert in the stack. But I don’t understand where to search for this second row.

press the “+” button in stack tab and you get one.

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Thank you. I got it.

I was able to turn off and on the third insert. I used values 63 (not enabled) and 64 (enabled) for the test, controller 21:

I use always 0 and 127, but that doesn’t matter :wink:.

Sure, I just wanted to test the range.