Turn back on musical mode?

ok, i import a loop, slice it up, play with quantisation values, don’t like it and want to revert to the original loop in musical mode?, how do i do that?

It seems that once the musical mode has been turned of and you have hitpoints converted into sliced, you can’t get that track back in it’s “musical mode” state, even if oyu delete all the slices and re-import the original audio file, what am i overlooking?

and yes i know that directly after the slicing i can do CRTL + Z, but undoing is not the issue
the issue is working with your new quantized slices for 2 hours and 200 edits further, deciding you want to go back to the original “musical mode corrected” loop

WHooooa! over 2hrs and 200 edits… dude i really don’t mean this disrespectfully but why don’t you just program the loop instead? I had a listen to your tunes on your links and if it’s similar stuff it shouldn’t be too hard to do and would be certainly quicker. If it is a combined drum/bass/keys loop etc then just break it down and program one part at a time, all the drums you’ve used are pretty simple ‘4 for the floor’ type beats which are VERY easily reproduced with beat designer and groove agent one, Most of the bass sounds are fairly simple too which most soft synths could reasonably approximate as well as the pads which could fairly easily be reproduced by layering and for some of them fairly heavy midi-gating too… You have a massively powerful piece of software there which does a lot more than act as a looper… why not get to grips with some more of it? I have watched people mess about with a sampled drum loop for hours and hours… if you know how to program drums it takes minutes… possibly even seconds! just a thought.

I know how to program drums, i can make perfect drums in Drumazon either via Piano roll or Beat Designer in minutes, not the point

I know how to import loops via mediabay, place markers, slice them, drag them into Groove Agent One, export to midi and seperate the pitches, while capturing the groove for later quantizing purposes as well > within seconds, not the point.

The point is that Cubase audio editting is being marketed as “non destructive” I just find that leaving “Musical Mode” because of hitpoints IS destructive, if you don’t undo it right away.

My example was a bit extreme, but edits can also be done on different tracks, one might work leads first and then come back to decide the drums are not there yet. etc.

The point is that, if not captured by an undo, you can not revert and the track does not want to change it’s status back to “musical mode” Am i doing something wrong?

Try saving using Ctrl, Alt, S every now and then, that will give you a kind of undo list.

It gives you an incremental save list and can be a life saver.

good tip! thnx

so, once a track is “destructed” by edits there is no way to turn “musical mode” back on for that track?

How could you? It has 200 edits in it. But, if you have unlimited undo, I believe you can just go to the top of the undo list and convert back to the start can’t you?

Another option, you could duplicate the file before you start a long string of edits. Then you’d still have the file available in its musical mode state. If you do it in the pool it’s fairly painless.

I was surprised, and learned that lesson the hard way, last night at “Musical Mode University” at my house (I’m not sure I actually passed the course though … :frowning: ).

In my ignorance, I thought that if I altered the timing of a MIDI track by activating musical mode, and didn’t like the result, I could just toggle back to Linear mode and the track would sound like it used to. But, I guess it is actually a destructive edit, like the OP said. So I learned the really hard way to do what split said (CTRL-ALT-S after every change), and like JM Cecil said (I now work only on a copy of the file - the original is LOCKED, and for good measure tucked away in a folder file too!).