Turn of auto quantize?

Hi, everybody!
Sorry if I’m coming with a question that might be addressed before, can’t find the answer: How do I turn of auto quantize?? I use Cubase 8 Pro.

On Cubase 7 and below there are a button on the panel; “Q” on/off. I find no such button in version 8.
Thanks for any help!


Same question for me (coming from Nuendo with same Q on panel.)

Here we go…

The auto quantize features is put into the little transport panel listbox. Just click on the “merge” name in the transport panel, and at the bottom of the popup list, you can check “auto quantize” :slight_smile:

Also (as I found out on this forum a week or so ago), it appears under the Transport tab in MIDI Record Mode.

And yes, it would be neat to have an on/off option in the quantise area up the top! Not just on the Transport bar

Thanks, I noticed this was missing in 8 just yesterday, I rarely use auto, but once in a while for cycle recording drums its handy. Saved me at trip to the manual.



I’m not at the DAW and don’t remember, but there may be a Key Command to toggle the auto-quantize state. If not, it would be, I think, possible to create a Macro to do that for you. Apart from that, it’s very easy to hit F2, bring up the transport panel and turn auto-quant on or off from the drop down, as mentioned above.