Turn off Auto populate ISRC codes

How do you turn off the auto populate ISRC codes in the CD Window? I have to customize them but a few have none. If I try to delete, it just sequences up from the previous.
Thank you.

Do you mean the “Generate ISRC Codes” checkbox in the CD Wizard, or something else?

Yes, I think more info is needed to help.

Also, I believe you have to hit RETURN instead of ENTER to lock in the newly entered (or deleted) ISRC code in the CD Tab.

Using ENTER seems to bring back the old code.

Not the CD Wizard window. The general CD Window.

What Justin mentioned is the only specific thing I know of that you need to do in the general CD Window (Return instead of Enter). Otherwise it does come back when you think you’ve deleted it, if we’re talking about the same thing.

Yes that could be. I will try “return” next time.