Turn off left hand side of hub?

Is there any way to turn off the left hand side of the startup hub? The side that connects to the internet and Steinberg news area? I’d like to keep the recent projects dialogue on the right but not be forced to download the news portion.


No, there is not this option.

The resent projects are also in the File menu. If it’s OK to access them from here, you could disable the whole Hub then.

Thanks for the confirmation Martin.

Open up the Cubase package and remove the hub from the components folder, which is in the Contents folder. That does exactly what you asked for. (If you disabled the whole hub don’t forget to reenable it.)


You will get an old dialog with a list of recent projects, and some buttons to Create a new projects, Open other project…

…Which is all some people want, also if this is done on windows then it frees up at least one extra FLS slot.

If you unclick the “Use Hub” option in the Cubase Edit>Preferences>General menu what will only open is the “Project Assistant”. Which is basically the right side. That is what I think you want… right?

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The last time I checked in CB 9, unclicking the “Use Hub” option does not free up an FLS slot. Hence this feature request:

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Thank you.

I disabled the hub as you recommended and it turns off both. I think we used to have that option but now it seems to be linked together. :confused:

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This works for me:

Tick Use Hub in Preferences.
Close Cubase.
Find hubservice.dll in Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\Components. Rename it hubservice.old_dll
Start Cubase 10. No left side.

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Weird. It works for me… meaning when I unclick the “Use Hub” preference the left side is gone and the right right side remains.

Just a thought… I’m not at my Cubase PC right now so I can’t check it but, maybe there is there a preference to “Use Project Assistant” somewhere that needs to be enabled for the right side to show.

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Maybe it’s a Mac thing but once you uncheck use hub both sides are gone. I think I remember the use project assistant when I used Windows before.

Looks like I was goofed up a bit… sorry. :blush:

The right side showing only the “Project Assistant” does not automatically pop up when Cubase is started. It will pop up only after disabling the “Use Hub” option and choosing “New Project” from the Cubase “File” menu.

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Has anyone tried my post solution (about three posts up)?

Just wondering.

Just turn it off in preferences and as Prock said, new project.
Hiding dll’s from Cubase can and does work, but don’t be surprised when you install the next update and it asks for some original installer or a repair.

All an update does is replace the old version with the new version and you have to do it again.

Yes, but if it does not find the old, it wants the original full installer.
It then extracts the missing dll and then it overwrites it with the new version.
That is my observation, not a problem if you keep older full installer somewhere close.

I think they should give an option in preferences. Might as well make the software as configurable as possible.