turn off MIDI monitoring

I can’t seem to get it to turn off MIDI Thru. I think that’s the term. I don’t want to hear the Halion sounds when I play my MIDI keyboard. I only want to hear it when I play it back, or when I select notes. I have a separate MIDI output from my keyboard going to an external sound module, so I don’t need to have monitoring enabled when I’m just playing ideas on my keyboard and not trying to input notes. When I turn off the MIDI input, sounds go away, but then I lose the ability to input notes with my keyboard. Any ideas?

Thanks all!

You could open the mixer window and mute either the corresponding instrument or the complete output, by muting the master channel.

Yeah, but then I’ll have to be constantly muting and unmuting. In Sibelius there was simply a box you could check or uncheck called MIDI THRU. Is there no option like this available?

There is no option like that at present, no, though it is something we plan to add in future.

OK. Thanks for confirming! I can live with it not yet implemented, but I’ll go crazy if I think I just can’t figure out how to do it.