Turn off "Moving Forward" in Note Input?


Is there an option to turn off the way that Dorico moves the caret forward after one inputs a note? There are times when it would be advantageous to do this—similar to the manner of chord input. These times would include fixing an enharmonic, or perhaps one would like to enter some articulations, lyrics or dynamics before the program moves forward and sometimes consequently changes the view one sees on the screen. The screen change forces one to take a minute to figure out where he is in the work. It’s as if you were playing the piano and the page turned the page for you before you were ready. Thank you for all that you do and the dedication you bring to making this notation software excellent.

Hit Escape immediately after inputting the note. Though the caret has moved forward, the just-entered note/chord remains selected (and orange for easy visibility), so hitting Escape will allow you to enter whatever you like, attached to that note/chord.

Ahh! Such a simple answer that works in most situations. Thank you Pianoleo. Any ideas on how to solve the few times when the caret jumps to a part of the work that’s far away from where you’re working currently thereby changing your “view?”

The caret should never jump far away: it should only ever advance to the next rhythmic position. If the next rhythmic position happens to be at the start of the next system, or indeed more generally out of the current view, then the score will be repositioned such that the caret is brought into view, then you may find that the note that was previously selected is no longer in view, but it should be very close to where you were before, not miles away.

Thank you Daniel… I understand. I’ll have to notice carefully and document for you the next time that this happens to me. It may have something to do with editing the second voice.