Turn off Player Labels in Condensing

Is there a way to turn off player labels in condensing? Yes, I realize you can hide them, believe me I understand that one at a time, they can be hidden. I just completed an 18 minute full orchestra score and was required to remove most of the ‘obvious’ player labels (1. 2. a2,) etc., one. . .at. . .a. . .time. (well yah, I did Cmd-click a lot so technically not one at a time but I had to click on them one at at time.) And because Dorico assigns them just about every where and it takes Dorico a good while to actually think about how it has to think through the entirety of the score and that this can logically only be done in Engrave mode, one can imagine why it took so long.

I absolutely love and genuinely appreciate the Condensing feature but please tell me this option exists and that somehow I missed it somewhere.


It’s a request already made (well, I’m quite sure I already made it!), there’s probably some clever option in the pipeline to even prevent us from having to hide those redundant names !

At present there is no detailed control over where player labels appear when condensing. It’s something we are certainly open to, but the trouble is that player labels often are necessary, so the difficulty is exposing the options for when Dorico will show labels and when it won’t in a way that would make sense to somebody who cannot know all of the factors that go into the condensing decisions made at every point in the music. We tend to err on the side of showing more labels rather than fewer labels, to try to ensure that the music is as unambiguous as possible.

Thanks Daniel! So awesome that you respond to EVERY question.

I’m finishing up my degree and my comp professor extremely displeased (putting it mildly) about the presence of so many player labels and as a life-long lover of Finale, (him, not me) this ‘small thing’ for him sealed the deal as to why Finale is superior in every way. Personally, I don’t really care; I’m with you and more appreciate of them all being placed on the score.

Might I suggest that instead of telling Dorico to display less or more player labels, how’s about the option to just display all or none? Then one could go in and just enable the ones they want. That was the other thing - I couldn’t figure out how to show player labels once hidden?

Thanks again!

To show hidden player labels, make sure that signposts are visible ! Then select the ones that you want to show and change their property.

Jeremiah, please tell your composition professor that I’d be delighted to hear from him directly if he wants to give me a piece of his mind. He can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Let me guess: the reason he doesn’t like player labels in Finale is that it takes a very long time to create them all :slight_smile:

LOL! I’m very supportive of Dorico and what you’re doing/have done so I won’t be doing that! The condensing feature is a God-send. Still, it might be a nice option in the future? It took me a very long time to Cmd-click all of those and while I would be fine just leaving them in because it’s just that much more clarity…well it’d just be a nice feature. I’d picture checking a box that says ‘Do Not Display Player Labels’ and all the little sign posts go up. Then I can go in and display the ones I want.

Thanks again!

A program option just to deal with one professor’s prejudices?
The Dorico Team is beyond responsive, but that’s taking customization pretty far. :open_mouth:

In fairness, I don’t think it’s that big a deal but what do I know? (And I’m not the only one who’s asked for it apparently?) I’m no programmer. I guess it’s only a big deal when it is.