Turn off pre-record?

It is very annoying when im recording midi that the clip records before bar one and i have to go through extra steps to correct this. is there a way to turn this off, and also is there not a wait for midi input function to start recording?

I will assume you have pre-count turned on in your Transport settings. Any notes you play during the pre-count will be recorded in the bars before where you placed the cursor.

If you are sure that you aren’t playing any notes during the pre-count and Cubase is still recording bars before the cursor, make sure that your MIDI controller isn’t sending any CC messages that you aren’t aware of. For instance, if you have Cubase’s “record” button mapped to a button on your MIDI controller, then that CC’s message may get recorded when you press the button. Check the automation lane in the MIDI clip for any MIDI data that is getting recorded that you don’t expect.