Turn off scroll snap in mixer?

Is there any way to turn off the snap function in the mixer so that when you’re scrolling horizontally it does not snap to each Channel?

yeah, I don’t think this is possible, but I would like this feature to, hard on eyes this jumping channels


Yup, it’s hard on the eyes and it disrupts your focus and concentration.

I primarily want smooth scrolling for the arrange window

you mean scrolling with easing? I think that would be terrible

The original post I made had nothing to do with scrolling in the arrange page. Just to clarify.

It’s about how the Cubase mixer snaps to each channel when scrolling horizontally which creates a jerky visual.

Logic’s mixer scrolling is much smoother and easier on the eyes.

you mean scrolling with easing? I think that would be terrible

Im not sure what you mean with “easing”, but scrolling seamlessly and not jerking track by track is horrible on your eyes, focus and concentration. In Logic you can scroll like reading a browser page.

It’s probably not something many Cubase users talk/complain about, but it is a huge difference on your efficiency and stamina when working for hours on a session.

Yes, Im aware of that, but its equally relevant in the arrange page where I spend most of my time.

Yeah, Logics smooth, seamless scrolling makes a world of difference on your brains concentration level. Having to reset your focus and wonder your eyes to find where to work like in Cubase now is detrimental to your efficiency and intuitivity.

Smooth Logic Mixer Scrolling


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