Turn off SL after unmixing

After I’ve unmixed the individual parts and dragged them onto my arrange window, how do I turn off Spectral Layers so I can edit the audio normally? It doesn’t seem to want to leave. Then I wanted to bounce the tracks I had unmixed but they wouldn’t bounce. I even tried mixing them normally but the beach ball came up and Nuendo crashed. Trying it now in Cubase 13. Update #1: same results in Cubase. Audio files wouldn’t bounce and when I tried to simply do a mix down the beach ball came up and Cubase crashed. What is so special about the spectral layer audio files that they can’t be edited? When I started using SL I simply recorded the files in SL to get them back into Nuendo. It seems I’ll have to do that again. Ugh. Update#2: Workaround. Simply exported the tracks to my desktop. That worked. Then imported them back into Nuendo and inserted at origin. No problem and wav files are fine. The original Spectra Layer wav files that I couldn’t do anything with wouldn’t even delete. I had to delete each piece one at a time. So weird. But they’re gone now. I tried to use SL to unmix the original track but it came out with blank audio for each of the parts. Ugh ugh ugh. So, I’m good at finding workarounds but I’m confused at why my SL audio is corrupted and crashed Nuendo and Cubase. Update#3: I I tried unmixing the original track one more time. The files could be bounced ‘sort of’. If I bounced them twice it worked. However, adjusting the volume of the drum track caused Nuendo’s playback to stutter. Eeek. I ended up just staying with the tracks I got by exporting. Those are fine and exhibit no weirdnesses.

Have you tried to right click the event/part in Cubase/Nuendo and then select ”Make extension permanent”?
I think you have to do that with the original (unmixed) part AND each new part that you have dragged out from SL into the Projects window.

I don’t think this is exactly the same as ”Bounce” in that right click menu.

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Thanks! I’ll try that. Appreciate your help greatly.

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