Turn off the Beep?

Sometimes, I open a document, and when I play my MIDI Keyboard, I get Dorico’s Beep VST, until I’ve selected an instrument in Play mode.

Is there any global way to “not have” the Beep? (Also, in some documents, it’s the first VST in the drop-down list, and in others it’s not.)

There isn’t a way to completely disable the beep in every project, I’m afraid.

I’m still (or again) getting DoricoBeep playing loudly whenever I play my MIDI keyboard. Even when “Time” is set to a different VST, and Click is set to NOT use Beep.

I can turn it off by muting the Beep’s channel in the Mixer, but why does it suddenly come on for some documents and not for others?

Is the pitch of the beep following the played key on your keyboard? Then the MIDI routing would be somehow wrong. Could you please make a simple demo project and post here. Thanks

Thanks, Ulf.

Here you go.
Beep.dorico.zip (1.28 MB)

Hm, that project behaves well with me, though I don’t have the correct Kontakt sound files. But it loads fine and if I double click on a stave and play on my MIDI keyboard, no beep sound comes out. I also switched to HSO template, but it behaves as expected.
Could you maybe please describe in more detail what it needs to reproduce the issue? Thanks

I can’t reproduce it now either!