Turn off track linking?

Hey guys - apologies if this has been covered but I can’t seem to find too much about this:

When I slice multiple tracks at the same time they link together, this is not the ‘group’ function but something else which I can’t seem to deactivate. One work around I found from another post was to glue another event/audio segment to the end and it becomes un-linked.

Any ideas about this?

Thanks in advance - dan

Sounds like your dealing with shared copies (not linking) try using the “Convert to Real Copy” function from the edit menu (or perhaps context menu).

Thanks BriHar but “Convert to Real Copy” doesn’t seem to be doing the trick…

Strange that this has only just started happening, perhaps i bumped something, though the standard midi shared copies feature is pretty annoying.

This rings a vague bell… Is it because you keep turning on the folder Group Editing button using the ‘K’ keyboard shortcut by accident?


Whoa GargoyleStudio, that’s it thanks a bunch :slight_smile: