Turn off Video engine etc

Hi there Steinberg,

is there any way to turn off the video engines etc?

It seems to be an important part of Cubase 6 that many users probably don’t need & eats up power & causes problems etc.



I also was annoyed by the fact that you couldn’t turn it off in the Devices window like you could in C5.

What I did was to go to the folder where Cubase 6 is installed (ie. c:\program files\Cubase 6). There you will find a folder called Components which contains a file called “videoengine.dll”. Rename this file to “videoengine.bah” or whatever, and you will get rid of the videoengine.

Or more briefly stated:

  1. Go to c:\program files\Cubase 6\Components
  2. Rename videoengine.dll to videoengine.bah
  3. Start Cubase, go to Devices and verify that Videoengine is no longer an option.


Thanks Krisp, i’ll do that now :slight_smile:

Just to add:
There is a problem in Cubase 6.03/6.04:

  1. Start Cubase
  2. Start Taskmanager
  3. Kill Cubase process

-> VideoEngineDecoder.exe crashes intermittently

This means that when Cubase crashes from what any reson an error message could point to the video engine also if the video engine is not realy part of the problem. I have had cases in which the error message pointed to the video engine and in the end a 3rd party plugin had to be removed from the VST Pluguin folder to solve the issue.


…which leads to the question, why 3rd party plugins that always worked fine, stopped doing so in 6.0.3?
Can’t really blame it on the plugins!

…which leads to the question if the plugins always worked fine and if it strictly adhered the VST specifications.
It was an older version of a flux plugin and with a plugin update it could be used in Cubase again.