Turn the locals out on the Nord

I really DO NOT want to turn the locals out on the Nord and keep track of what I’m playing in the ‘normal’ way - adding a few milliseconds is applied by going through the midi interface etc is an age to the god system. My life and affect my performance significantly.

So … is there a smart way to set things up so that whatever I play in Cubase is not sent back to Nord but everything that is on the music I added to IS is sent to Nord?

I’m trying to drop in and out immediately on the fly, without having to create a separate track etc. or “plan” drop in / out in any way. I kinda hinted at what you suggested in my original post and I guess I could (reluctantly!) Drag the ‘new’ Nord (drop in) into the ‘main’ Nord track (which SW always sends to NORD) once made, but that’s all the additional mouse movements that I’m trying to avoid. I was hoping there might be some very clever way Cubase could not get over what I was playing at the moment I was playing it, while still posting everything else on that track. I understand that’s not how DAW is usually set up, but I’m looking to clear away anything that inhibits my ‘flow’ (man!).

Just to digress a bit, on inspiration and ‘flow’ my best work happens back in the day when I only use a portastudio !!! Everything was immediately available! It looks like there is no way to fully copy the process quickly, no brain with a DAW, but I’m trying to get as close as I can!

In all honesty, I would rather be jealous of people who are not bothered by a few milliseconds midi delays when playing. My nervous system really complains in such circumstances and my play suffers a lot. There are some keyboards I would not play at all (ie ‘locally’) for that reason, really (eg Yamaha Montage, some of the Roland RD pianos …)