Turning instrument/synth track into mono?

Hi all newbie here,

I have made a baseline which is created on a instrument/synth track (foxglove synth). I wish to change that track to mono. How would i go about doing this??

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find where it states the information regarding stereo/mono, never mind changing it

Many thanks

What version of Cubase?

Generally speaking, I’d probably solo the track, go to Export, Audio Mixdown, and select a “Mono Downmix” of the track. Also choose the option to Import to an audio track. I hope this information is helpful.

It’s cubase 5.

So the only way around it is exporting and then importing again? There’s no actual way to turn the instrument track to mono?

You could send it to a mono group track, that would provide a stereo to mono downmix. Or you could put on the Mono to Stereo plugin as an Insert and choose the “Mono button”.

Thanks man just what i wanted to hear.

Is there any good plugs in that are decent for ‘mono to stereo’?

I’d say the Mono to Stereo plugin is the best option in Cubase 5.