Turning of multi-bar rest as default?

Is there are way to turn off a multi bar as default? I really dislike seeing a single bar with a multi rest in it when I write the music. I add empty bars because I want to have an overview of how many bars I have to fill in, like a paper of sheet music, but this single bar keeps on coming back:
Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 16.03.42.png

Select Setup mode
Choose the layout that you wish to change (RHS)
Click the settings button (cog in bottom of panel)
Select Players from the dropdown
Scroll to bottom
Untick “Show multi-bar rests”

If you do this for the layout type of “Part” you can then set as default.


For what it’s worth, Layout options are accessible from any mode with Cmd(Mac)/Ctrl(Win)+Shift+L :wink: