Turning off Fader panel in Mixconsole 2 and 3

I run 4 monitors with Cubase 9 Pro.

My Main console/project window is on my central monitor.

I like to run a Mixer with meters on the right hand monitor (MixConsole 2 ). This works great.

On the left hand monitor I like to run all the routing/inserts/sends. (MixConsole 3).

But, I am forced to have ANOTHER fader panel on MixConsole 3. I cannot see a way to disable the fader panel on MixConsole 2 or 3. All I need on my MixConsole 3 is the Channel labels at the bottom, but I have to waste screen space having a fader panel I don’t need.

Is there any way to disable fader panels on MixConsole 2/3. If not, then there should be, and I will make a feature request.

I realise I can minimise the height of the faders, but they still take up around 25% of a screen which could otherwise show much more of the channel strips. And it looks a bit silly, having a totally unnecessary, unused fader panel.

Anyone know if this has been asked for previously? Has there been any comment from Steinberg about this? It seems such an obvious waste of precious space, and such an easy thing for the programmers to provide. Just a switch to hide the fader panel.

(Oh and my 4th monitor is used for VST panels etc.)


No, you can’t make the faders go away. The only workaround I can think of would be to not have the window maximized. Then drag the window down so the faders are below the bottom of your monitor & resize so the rest of the window mostly fills the monitor.

Thanks. The ‘over’- resizing is a clever Idea and kinda works, except that of course the first thing you lose is the Channel strip labels, and that leave it very error prone when working on a large project, so in practice I wouldn’t want to do that. Nice try though.

I think we need to get Steinberg to sort this ASAP. It’s very wasteful at present, and as a previous software developer myself, I expect this to be trivial to implement - they just need a switch to disable the inclusion of the panel in the appropriate MixConsole. I’m really surprised they haven’t thought o do this themselves.


Picky, picky, picky… :blush:

I’ve posted a feature/improvement request.


Picky, picky, picky… :blush:[/quote]

:slight_smile: I don’t think its picky continuously selecting the wrong channel to edit cos you can’t see the blinking channel names. :slight_smile:

Bound to go wrong!

Time to get a tune up for your irony detector. :wink: