Turning off multi-bar rests for specific bars


I want to show rests in instrumental parts without them turning into multibar rests, but only in specific bars. So not the general ‘Consolidate Multi-bar rests’ in the Layout Options.

Or the other way around; multi-bar rests are not consolidated, but I can force them on certain bars in the parts. (Although the first option would be preferred of course)

Any possibilities for that? Thanks a lot!


P.S. congrats to the Dorico team for their amazing work, I’m loving 2.0!


the way to go at the moment is:

  1. Show Multirests
  2. where you don’t want Multirests input Text objects with SHIFT+X, then hide these items.

Thanks k_b!

I inserted a dot with the smallest possible font size, that seems like a workaround for now. Although I hope a future update will bring some more flexibility to multi-Bar rests.

Your reply leads me to another question; in general, can stuff really be hidden? The colour can be changed to white, but that has to be done in both the score and the part. And it has to be printed into a colour PDF. That’s quite laborious. So if you have any more tips on how to ‘hide’ I would be glad to hear, thanks!

Dear J_H,
Usually I type some hard spaces (alt-shift-space) with shift-X tool, it’s guaranteed to be invisible :wink:

Great tip Marc, merci beaucoup!

I was annoyed to have one-bar G.P. along with the H-bar and the count number in the beginning of a multi-bar rest; pretty dangerous information, since there only was one bar G.P.

The “G.P.” text in itself did NOT prevent the multi-bar property taking over. I tried again and again using both staff text and system text as suggested here, to no avail. Any ideas?

Text will break a multi-bar rest as long as it’s not attached to the downbeat.
If a G.P. is accompanied by an actual pause, you should show an actual pause in addition to the G.P. text (according to Gould). The actual pause will break the multi-bar rest.
If the G.P. isn’t accompanied by an actual pause, does it matter that players who are in the middle of a multi-bar rest aren’t aware of there being a G.P. bar? Genuine question - I’m not sure!

Continuing the previous:

Inserting some text with the first of two full bar rests did NOT prevent Multi-bar Rests -action, but any text in the latter of these two did.

Yes. This is intentional. If you have text on the downbeat of the first bar of a multi-rest, it will not break the muli-bar rest. This was a popular feature request. If you don’t like it, stick your text anywhere other than the downbeat. Even putting it one 1/1024th after the downbeat will work.

(And seeing as this subject has surfaced again after some years, I’ll clarify that there is now a “Split Multi-bar Rest” function on the Engrave menu.)

As an orchestra librarian: absolutely. For example, in an orchestral work the conductor may not beat time during the G.P. It’s also helpful in a chamber work.

Some time ago I had a discussion with Phil Rothman about this regarding the new edition of Copland’s Billy the Kid Suite, which our orchestra “test-drove”. The old edition had them, the new edition did not. He agreed with me they should be included.