Turning off the OSD?

Can i turn this off or move it some other place than in the middle of the screen?


Yes, you can. Preferences > Editing > uncheck the Auto Select Events under Cursor.


Martin :slight_smile: I meant the popup, not the option lol.

Of, sorry! I have never seen this before. :slight_smile:

Its Cubase 6 default… i have Select Events under Cursor to shortcut and it pop up every time i switch the command from the keyboard.

still cant find this option, cant i turn the pop up off?


I don’t know how to turn it off but you can. (I’d like to know also). It’s gone from my system.

I have two installs of Cubase and this message was coming up on one system and not the other.
When I couldn’t get it to go by changing any of the preferences, I copied the preference xmls from one system to the other and then it was gone on both systems. So it’s somewhere in those xmls (needle in a haystack comes to mind).

send me your xml :smiling_imp:

I replied to your PM this morning Dek, but it just sits in outbox. How do I make it become sent.

it just sits there until i read it, confusing :slight_smile: