Turning on the audio to cubase 13

Well, I have had cubase 13 pro trial for more than two weeks. I had 60 days for this trial version. I still have not been able to turn on the audio. I am getting really frustrated and I have followed online video instructions and none of them have worked.

Really! it should be a no-brainer when you turn on cubase that the audio should automatically come on, but it doesn’t. Any ideas?

This is common, newcomers getting actual sound out of cubase, and while there are many guides about getting things set up, and many more forum threads on this very topic, if you still haven’t gotten up and running it would be helpful to know what you have in terms of computer OS, if you own an audio interface or not, and what you have tried so far that hasn’t worked.

What audio interface do you have? Have you installed the asio drivers for it? If you are trying to do this with onboard audio on a pc then download asio4all ( do a google search. This is not a steinberg product) Cubase is professional software which works best with external audio interfaces.

If on a Mac make sure Cubase has been given permission to use the audio.