Turning plugins/tools into midi notes?

So over the past few days i have been experimenting with some new tools I have gotten from native instruments. I have been making all my music from scratch though synthesizers, drum programs, and recorded instruments.

I have often come across tools and sequencers that take one or more instruments and manipulate them in a way to get a new sound. The only problem is I can never figure out how to turn these new sounds back into new midi notes, so I can plug back into the original instrument to keep the new sounds I have made with said machines or programs.

For example, i am using TRK-01 right now. It takes a kick synth and a bass syth, puts them together, and uses a sequencer to come up with a new sound. great tool for drum and bass because I can edit the drum and bass with out swapping between 2 instruments.

You can type this into YouTube to see the tool i am using:
TRK-01 From Komplete 12 \ Exploring The Sounds

I have this problem with every tool or sequencer I see. I thought I would ask the Cubase forums. I am somewhat new to this. I wanted to see if this is a BUS problem. And if so, how do I fix it?

Every time I come across a cool tool like this I can never figure out how to get the sounds actually into Cubase.

I would prefer to have the output of TRK-01 (or other said program) be pushed to a midi track… if i can get the new sounds to midi, I can copy and paste it to the individual instruments, or copy them to try out on other instruments.

Please and thank you for any help.

Well after reading on a bunch of forums, I think the only option is to record an audio track. if any one has any idea’s please share… but i guess there is no drag and drop action… there is no way to route it to a midi track… its all up to the developers of the plug in… if so that is really weak. what is the point of making these plugins if i can only record audio from it. I guess making things from scratch is how i will continue to go about things.