turning rests into slashes.

In the following video you can see Daniel turn bars of rests into slashes but there is no explanation of how this is done. https://youtu.be/buXy7JEI5cE Is it even possible at this time? This feature would be a big time saver. To that end where is the documentation for the new added features. Videos can be useful but I prefer a step by step set of written directions.

See page 22: http://download.steinberg.net/automated_updates/sda_downloads/Dorico-2-2.0.0-44b04f1e-3f76-4fad-a938-d35e5f7dbd19/Dorico_2.0_Version_History.pdf

You had the option to download this from the Steinberg Download Assistant when you installed Dorico 2.

Thanks for getting back to me.

You are speaking about the option to install the PDF of what is new to Dorico 2? I usually do not download manuals to my computer because they are readily available somewhere on the products website.

Is that the only place the PDF is available?


My apologies. Did you not continue to read pages 23-25?

Sorry about that. Somehow the link didn’t show up in my browser. I switched browser and see it now. Thank you.