Turntable only playing as Mono

I’ve connected my Audio-Technica LP120xUSB to my UR22C using an RCA L/R to Stereo 1/4" jack. Its plugged in to input 2. When playing, it only gives a mono output. I select MONO and it outputs to L+R. Deselect, and it only gives L. Can anyone help?

I’ve tested my Turntable, both outputs work on a separate system. My 1/4" cable seems to be stereo (two stripes). I have no idea what the issue could be.

And before it’s suggested, I don’t want to use the USB port due to latency issues.

Any ideas?

Isn’t “input 2” a mono input? I don’t think you will achieve a stereo signal going into the UR22C unless you use 2 inputs set up as stereo L/R.

I think you need a cable such as this …

Hosa CPR-202 Stereo Interconnect Cable - Dual 1/4-inch TS Male to Dual RCA Male - 6.6 foot | Sweetwater

Then set up a stereo input bus. You don’t mention what software you are using. Is it Cubase?

I’ve been looking around to find out if the inputs are stereo or mono. Can anyone confirm?

Also, I’m using different software and getting the same result. Also, when just listening to records through monitors plugged in to the UR22c, I get the same result.

Inputs on the UR22 C are mono.

Did you read my last reply? I think it explained what you need to do.

I think you already “confirmed” for yourself.

Additional confirmation …

Also …

… answering other peoples’ questions can help you answer your own questions.

I thought I answered this here:-

If you wanna be autistic about it - Maschine and Ableton. I get mono on both DAWs, so go figure, it’s not a software issue. Also, if the mono inputs are 100% mono given your rhetorical question, YOU shouldn’t need to ask the software, right?

Isn’t “input 2” a mono input?

And if that’s true, then what does the MONO button do? Can you please be as scabby and picky as in the last response plz? @Scab_Pickens



You’re welcome.

Passive aggressive, right to the final post, eh?

Douche bag.


I hope that new cable is working out for you.