Tutorial Advice

I need to improve my knowledge and get more in depth using Cubase pro 9, Any opinion or advice is highly appreciated.
I’m currently debating to purchase either:

SWA Complete Cubase Pro 9 costs 44.95$
Cubase 9 101 Absolute Beginner’s Guide 9.99$

Thanks in advance.

There’s quite a few helpful videos here too:


I would recommed Steamworks Audio’s Complete Cubase Pro 9



Just tutorials for the new features or general tutorials?

Hi Tim, I’m looking for a general tutorial, thanks

Thanks Musiksculp

In case you feel like reading, I just got a book by Darren Jones called The Complete Guide To Music Technology using Cubase 9. I have the Steamworks courses and they are very good but since this book only was delivered today, I have only made the first 10 pages.

It however showed me two things I’d not used in 11 years and it goes from no knowledge of use to full blown large scale productions. I’m looking forward to this information and a different technique from videos. It’s a big book, very reasonable priced and looks like it will be a great source. My goals are not producing professionals to acquire awards and accolades but to simply sit in my home studio with my guitars and a few keyboard tracks to make some music

Keep it in mind

That book looks like a pretty expansive affair…wow, didn’t know anyone did things like that any more!

Personally, I’d try to work out what I wanted to learn and then search for the specific subjects individually. I find many general intro tutorials cover things I have no interest in in great depth and skirt over things I do. This is fine if they’re free (or cheap) as it’s always useful to have a rudimentary understanding of “everything” a piece of software can do. Once you’ve got a rough understanding of what it can do and indeed what you want to achieve the manual is pretty good resource too!

Do check out the free samples before spending any large amounts of money (the SWA free bits had me turning off straight away but these things are very personal). It’s all very well to have x hundred hours of tutorials but if the style is not to your liking you’ll probably never watch them.