Help I,m going crazy, I just spent the money to upgrade to artist and most of the tutorials and tips are all for the Pro version.
its very frustrating.
Can anyone guide me to some that only apply to Artist 10 or even somewhere I can purchase a book or something
I just don’t have the time to do trial and error on the features that are useful and the manual is so limited



I don’t think there is Cubase Artist specific tutorial.

Why is it so frustrating?

It is frustrating cause Im watching the tutorial and it always turns out to be feature that is only in pro version, I cant afford the pro version right now,
I just want tips I can actually use in my version
also now I am gun shy I spend allot time checking to see if I get that option lol cause the guy doing the tutorial always seems to use the pro version
and does not clarify that its only a pro version option

Well there is a comparison chart of the various flavors of Cubase on the Steinberg website. You could consult it to see if you have a specific feature before watching a video about that feature.

Or even better - this is your excuse to upgrade to Pro.