Tutorial Chord Pad and Chord Assistant in Cubase 10 Will Pay

Hi there I would like someone to show me how to use the Chord Pad on generating chords from single notes and how to get the chords symbols on tracks …I did see some Youtube Tutorials on this however I still have questions . I’m willing to pay for this I just want to learn how to use these tools.Thanks

Have you looked into getting instachord or cthulu, I use instachord and it is easy to use and is almost like cheat mode. extremely powerfull.

here is a pretty good explanation, although on Abelton.


It seems very similar to scaler ? Does it do anything different

After watching a youtube on scaler it seems that instachord is far more powerfull, RT recording inside DAW, no midi file export needed, guitar or piano keying, strumming and ability to use it for lead and basslines.

Hi thanks for the reply .I really would prefer to learn how to use Chord Pad and Chord assistance.Likje I said I’m willing to pay for a tutorial if you’re able to do one.Thanks

I may be completely wrong but there really isn’t much to learn, compared to the options above it is very basic. Seems more of an ideas pad to me.

How do you use it to create chords from single melodies