[TUTORIAL] Film Scoring in Cubase

Hello! I’m a film composer and I often get questions about my workflow in Cubase, so I’ve created this little tutorial on basic film scoring process in Cubase. On my website I’ve also included a basic template and the key bindings that I use. Make sure to download the “Cubase FS Pack”!


[EDIT] edited for correct link.

Great idea. But how about providing the Guide as some portable format instead of ZIP-file with non-standard .pages-extension?

Very nice of you to share this! I’m bookmarking for reading after Xmas!

ooh sorry, that .pages was supposed to be a PDF, i will replace that now. good call! The reason its zipped is because it includes the cubase project template, as well as the keybindings XML, is there a more “portable” format of delivery? I am open to suggestions

Just fixed it. Now PDF.

Looks good. Nothing new for me, but really have to appreciate anyone who’s kind enough to write down these kinds of guides.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, it was helpful for me

Thanks for sharing that - very helpful.

These tips will come in handy for my film assignment :slight_smile: thanks mooquu

UPDATE: added more key bindings, working on index. More to come!

UPDATE: moved the article to my new site, where you can ALSO find a bunch of free sound effects and stuff! Cool!

Nice! :smiley:

HI, the link no longer works. Can someone please share the pdf of this tutorial?
Thanks Jeff

I know you’re looking hard, maybe you can track down the OP here (mooquu googled):


I wonder what the workflow was like, because the site and domain don’t work anymore( Can anyone share the file, please?)


Won’t this tutorial be pretty pointless without the VIDEO tool in Cubase, and/or will the directions not only be applicable to using QUICKTIME and not the replacement format which is hopefully(!) coming soon?!



Paul, why don’t you just put your regard to Cubase and video handling in your signature. Frankly I’m tired of seeing it because your bloody broken record. Everytime I go to view a new post and you post the same thing over and over and over and over, it’s getting old and you’re wasting my time bumping threads with the same statement.

Thanks for taking the time to do this! Will come in handy later on!

Can you share the pdf files pls?

Above link does not work anymore.