Tutorial for pitch bend in dorico 4?

Hi All - I entered a long glide for viola in my score, and it plays back as a silly segmented chromatic scale. But when I look at it in the key editor, I do not see any control points to smooth it out, and I seem to be missing a window beneath the piano roll. Is there any tutorial that explains how to access this feature specifically?
Thanks in Advance,

IIRC Dorico cannot yet perform anything smoother than a chromatic slide/gliss.

Pitch bend might help you, but someone more knowledgeable about Play mode would have to help you there.

Please search the forum for the keyword glissando. There are large numbers of topics pointing out that Dorico can not yet do playback of smooth glissandi. It’s a frequently requested feature, and one that I would certainly like to have. I understand it is technically difficult. One the other hand it may be a matter of priorities for Steinberg, as Those Other Programs seem to be able to do it, indicating it is physically possible to implement.

I have a quartet with 30 pages of glissandi and double stopped glissandi and there is no way I am going to hand edit MIDI to do them. The job is just not feasible doing it that way, for me.