[Tutorial] How to Easily Achieve Seamless Looping

I’m posting this because I’ve seen many people ask how to do this in prior versions of Cubase (myself included) and I think it may help the community. Now it is easy with render in place.

  1. First off only do this once you’re happy with your song as a final version and set your loop regions and make sure NOTHING is playing after the end of the loop region unless you want it to be in the tail of the loop that we will place at the start. If you want stuff to be after the loop regions, put it about 4 bars after the end of the loop region. Save your song.

  2. Go to Edit > Render in Place > Render Setup…

  3. Set the options in order to the following settings: As One Event, Complete Signal Path + Master FX, check Mix Down to One Track, Name doesn’t matter, Tail Size Bars & Beats (or more if your reverb tail or whatever is longer), Mute Source Events. Press OK and it will render your whole song to a new audio track.

  4. From this point on you can just press render to repeat the process and skip step 3 for additional songs.

  5. After the song renders, your note bars will all be muted except the new audio track’s bar. Go to the end of the new audio track that rendered and cut off the part that went past the loop region in the new audio file and place it in an additional new audio track at the beginning of the loop region.

  6. Export the song. Ya done.

Then just close the song and pick delete the audio file that was rendered in the project file itself and not saved. This will keep the program from cluttering your project’s audio folder with a bunch of unneeded stuff and taking up needless hard drive space by erasing the files that you make before exporting the final seamlessly looped version.