Tutorial: midi out to Sunrizer & Audiobus back in.

This is a quick tutorial on how to send out midi data from Cubasis into another app, then route that apps audio out through Audiobus into Cubasis for recording. This is just one variation, others might do it differently


Nice. Thanks for making the video.

I have an IPad Air 128GB and I am running Cubasis 1.7.2. I have followed the steps in this video, however I want to do the same thing but using M3000 HD instead of Sunrizer.

M3000 HD just doesn’t seem to receive the midi from Cubasis, there is no sound and the midi light does not come on in the M3000 interface.

Has anybody got any suggestions?


Try choosing “Virtual MIDI” in the MIDI Outputs section, not M3000HD.

It worked! Thanks for the advice :smiley: