Tutorial: Setting Up Vocoders in Cubase (7 plugins covered)

I just completed an 8-part series about configuring different vocoder plugins to work inside of Cubase. It covers seven different plugins and fourteen different configuration scenarios. There are tutorial projects with pre-recorded, matched modulator and carrier audio and MIDI material that you can download to help you walk through the step-by-step instructions for each plugin.

There are also audio examples of every plugin and configuration covered, including a SoundCloud playlist that includes all of the tutorial clips so you can hear bit of what each plugin sounds like.

Specific vocoder plugins covered:

  • Waldorf Lector
  • XILS V+
  • TAL-Vocoder
  • Image-Line Vocodex
  • Native Instruments Razor
  • mda Vocoder
  • Waves Morphoder

There’s also a soundcloud playlist with the different clips. It starts out with a raw modulator and carrier, then steps through all the different plugins/configurations.

Setting Up Vocoders in Cubase

(And, as luck would have it, Waves is having a one-day sale of Morphoder today- $29 USD on July 27, 2015)

I have always prefered the sound of the orange vocoder when i used it ( beginning of the millenium or so )

Seems that zynaptic bought it and slapped a hefty pricetag on it.:confused: - also, they took away the pc version? Tsktsktsk…

So we went from a crossplatform / relatively cheap pricetag great vocoder to a mac only super expensive one. (Which prolly does nothing new and sounds the same) :stuck_out_tongue:
What happened? Lol…

Anyway, yeah love the orange “kraftwerky” sound:p
-but, im on pc and know my history well enough not to overpay for a regurgitated plug…:stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: ok, to be fair, it seems that the “new” version has been enhanced…:stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: is prosoniq now zynaptic? Hmmm…

Wait. Razor can be used as a vocoder?

Yes it can- it has a vocoder module that you can use when Reaktor is inserted as an effect.

You can only pass a modulator to it as audio, though- it always uses its own synth engine for the carrier.

Better than what I thought previously. And Reaktor is a decent synth engine.