tutorial suggestion

More than a couple times I’ve gone looking back to one of the tutorials for information I remember viewing. Although I can narrow it down often by specifics, more than a few times I’ve spent watching and skipping and watching and skipping until I find the part I’m looking for again. It’s not great, but not too bad on 5 minute or less videos, but often a time suck on the 20, 30 and 45 minute ones.

YouTube has an annotation system to take you to certain parts of video – was hoping that could be used to make it easier to find something.


(we could also use a more standard searchable indexed text help file, but I think that’s been mentioned – heck, though, I would be fine if you just keep adding on the faq page adding hyperlinks (oldstyle) – those can actually be pretty useful when they stick to true frequently asked questions and don’t try to cover everything)

Anthony’s tutorial videos are all designed to be short and sweet and to stay under 5 minutes if possible, so hopefully the time cost of watching them again is not too onerous. YouTube does automatically transcribe the speech in the video and you can view that transcription by clicking the ‘More’ button below the video. You might find it helpful to be able to scan through the transcription as a way of finding the material you’re looking for.

We are working diligently on expanding the program’s documentation. Our new documentation writer has been with us for a month and we are making good progress. We expect to publish a substantial update to the documentation in the autumn, and we hope to have caught up completely with the current functionality of the software by the end of the year.