Tutorial that explains how to edit a voice over narration really quickly

So I’m reading a script for a video I’m making and I often stop and rerecord something to improve how I’ve said it.

I would like to know how I can really quickly mark the part of the track that I want to remove and then snap everything together and apply a crossfade.

Currently I zoom out, cut at one point, cut another and then pull the part through the timeline and then apply a crossfade. With over an hour of clips every way of speeding this up would help lessen the burden of audio editing work I have to do.

Is there a good helpful source on youtube? Or another post or anything educational regarding fast audio editing in this instance. One thing I’ve tried: there is a shortcut “remove gaps and apply crossfade” but that just doesn’t work the way I hoped unfortunately.

I appreciate any help a lot cheers. Also any ideas or tips regarding this topic.

Thank you

Hi @Lorenz_o

I’d go for a custom macro.
Something like:

  • select range you’d like to re-record
  • Split Range > Shift-X
  • delete event
  • go to left locator > num 1
  • record
  • select new event
  • crossfade

In case you aren’t familiar with macros yet: