Tutorial track on the Cubase 6 cd , What kind of bas ?

I REALLY like the bass sound on this track.

Does anyone knwo what kind of bas it is ? . And the effects used ? . Also if I take away the VST effects it sound great. I wounder if it is a Fender P Bass ?

It was a combination of a McCullum Baritone guitar and a Fender jazz Bass using both pickups.

Juat to clarify. It was a McCullum ACOUSTIC Baritone Guitar. Very rare!! and an incredible instument!!!

Great, it sound REALY nice :slight_smile:

I wounder what bass guitar would come close to this ? . Is that a Fender Jazz Bass ? . I play with a Sandberg Bass and that is more " round" in the tone. This one has this special “crisp” to it that I like very much.

What amp was it played through ?

Is there anywhere I can read about the complete track that was produced for the tutorial. It is great as normal the Cubase songs " suck" big time and has never been this professional. Now this is a great chance to look around and learn what how the " pro" did on recording.

Does anyone know if there is a palce where this whole song is waled through. Ex a question : Why are the rytm guitars recorded in " stereo" ? . Would it normal not be ex 3 microphones on each mono track and then they are " grouped" together ? . Now I can see it is stereo track.

Thanks very much for a great tune