Tutorial videos about Halion 7?

I’m interested in HALion 7. But I first want to learn more about it.
I only can find tutorial videos on youtube that are about Halion 6 and are 6 year old!

I can not find any tutorial videos from Steinberg! Am I missing something here?


I can recommend you the channel of Anthony at Onemanandhissongs. He has an IMO excellent tutorial on Halion 6, the best I found. Now he is making a new one for Halion 7, today in episode 22. I haven’t still watched the one about H7, but if it is so good as the one for H6, please go and watch it. I believe the episodes for H7 aren’t still ordered in a playlist

Onemanandhissongs is a bit like reading the manual on YouTube, but there are no hands on for use scenarios like:
Using the midi sequences for a patch.
Import samples and make multi-layered instruments
Etc etc.
It is a scandal that Stenberg do not have much at all of in use tutorials for Halion 7.

His (Onemanandhissongs) HALion 7 tutorials are really good! I like them a lot. For a basic introduction it is perfect!

I agree. It is complex software that is not always intuitive. So tutorials are really needed.