tutorial videos dont start

I have cubase 7 installed for an hour or something (don’t like it very much until now!!).
So I desperately need the tutorials. The shortcuts in the Steinberg hub don’t seem to start. Nothing is happening!!
They are not on the dvd. So they must come from the internet. Is there something I miss? :smiling_imp:

Nothing starts from within the Hub! Am I the only one?



start here

Right click “copy shortcut” is a temporary workaround until Steinberg looks into this issue but not a single link from the “news and tutorials” left side of the Steinberg Hub is functional… It’s not related to Antivirus/Firewall as I tried without them.

Just checked it and it works here on my home notebook.

Is your UI language maybe different than english?


Except for system declared physical location, all settings are English, yet links won’t launch (as shown in the attached .gif animation)

Works fine for me

Yes I am from the Netherlands but my windows is English. I can use all the functions on the right side (opening project etc) but all the left buttons don’t do anything. No videos, No forum etc
(Its exactly like the problem.gif from DRDRDR )