Tutorial videos for "concert music"?

I am quite inexperienced with Cubase and want to use it predominantly for editing audio files. What are the best Cubase channel videos for a “classical” composer with no interest in the pop/rock scene?

Thanks, Bob.

Your best bet is probably using the keyword “orchestral” instead of “classical” in your Google search queries. That’s the term that seems to have been widely adopted by the community of people with similar interests to yours.

And just in case, you haven’t bumped into it yet, the liveliest forum for orchestral composers that I’m aware of is at https://vi-control.net/ – Participants use various DAWs, but Cubase users are relatively well represented.

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If audio editing is your main thing I would suggest Wavelab rather than Cubase…Cubase is a DAW(digital audio workstation- basically a software music studio) while Wavelab is primarily a dedicated audio editor. Best of luck!


Thanks Bill but I really do a DAW for other things and I already own it. Perhaps some tutorials on Film scoring or “concert” electronic music would be well suited.


@Bob_Atwell What have you found so far?

Not much. There are hundreds of videos and it seems that almost every one is aimed at the pop/rock crowd.

What type of recording specifically, are you working on?

I have two upcoming projects. One involves 5 audio files of separate recordings of the same piece done by different groups of an orchestra at different times. I will need to to do some minor (I hope) time warping of 4 of the files to match the Strings recording. The second is a fairly standard electronic music composition but it will have many tempo and time signature changes. I am looking for a better understanding of choosing virtual instruments and various effects for predominantly tonal but probably weird music.

A lot of my issue in learning Cubase are that all the beginner tutorials seem to be aimed at people who are inputting drum tracks and loops etc. which have no interest for me. The other is the jargon and terminology which never seems to be defined and I often just don’t understand.

So, I am hoping for some beginner tutorials aimed at “concert music” composers.

That sounds like an enormous and difficult project. Very challenging for someone just getting started.

My suggestion to you is to look up each of the exact functions that you expect to use, and also include the words mixing and mastering, because that’s mainly what it sounds like you’re doing, aside from editing, to hopefully filter in or out some results.

Do this, and once you have started to find meaningful results, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.


There they discuss recording techniques as well as composition.

Yes, thanks @Nico5 I have found it and it is definitely useful.

Thanks @steve I will try that. I been finding a few decent videos on the specific functions but nothing to give a better understanding of the more general usage. I have a training session scheduled for this Wednesday that I hope will give me a better foundation.

@Bob_Atwell great - one on one is the best way, assuming you have the right instructor.

You may need to look outside Cubase if you are having to do fairly expanse time alignment

IRCAMlab TS2 TS2 by IrcamLab

zynaptiq: TIME FACTORY II Mac Overview (mac only)