Tutorials and Updates

Hi Robin,

I hope you’re well and that the collaboration with Steinberg/Yamaha is providing you with all the resources that you would need and could hope for from such a big player .

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to update the community on how things are going, on when we will see some new reliable tutorial videos , and what we can expect of the forthcoming point updates and from SpectraLayers 7. I also personally don’t think it would be fair to be charged with any substantial upgrade costs.

Cheers Alex.

Everyone has the same questions, concerns.

Hi guys,

The collaboration with Steinberg is going very well, but it’s a whole new product for this company; that’s why things in certain areas are taking longer than others. I understand this seems like quite a long wait, but rest assured that the tutorial videos are considered very seriously, we just need a little more time to organize this properly, and get fully up to speed in every area based on customers feedback; it’s a large company, many people need to be synchronized. However we’re just getting started with Steinberg SpectraLayers and its potential, and I honestly think the product could not have found a better home.

On a personal note, I also recently became a dad, which slowed things a bit for me this summer :slight_smile:

SpectraLayers 6.0.20 is finished from a development standpoint, it’s now going through Steinberg validation. It fixes issues with older macs, exotic video cards/drivers, better auto config for some audio devices, ARA issues (progress dialog frozen and playhead return on stop), wav metadata and large wav export, macOS Catalina compatibility, brush settings not being saved, and it brings better shortcuts managements, shortcut presets loading/saving, display settings and units are now saved and reloaded with the projects, and selection display can be further customized (border style, blending mode).

Not sure I can share anything about SL7 at this point, but I promess it’ll be worth its upgrade price. Meanwhile we’ll probably have some side announcements at NAMM - stay tuned !

Hi Robin,
Sounds like you have many interesting collaborations not just your hands but your arms as well, and soon to be climbing all over you!

I’ve been using Spectralayers with great success! Highly looking forward to the next update

Hi Robin,
Thanks for your reply, It’s good to hear that the collaboration with Steinberg is going “very” well and the good news regarding the future of SL.
And of course, congratulations.
Cheers Al.

Thank you Robin for the update, and congratulations! At least, as a programmer you will have been used to the late nights already :slight_smile: