Nothing personal, but it is PAST time to get some decent EXAMPLES of step-by-step procedures. I get that it was a new product and all that, but seriously.

…I am considering tracking down and uploading at GDrive, Gary’s (SC’s and then Magix’s related team developer) step by step video tutorials, which show precisely what you are asking for, only they were done with SL3, I believe.

Later novel precision and layering tools and usages are not featured there, but the base is excellently lay out.


I watched Dave Askew’s tutorial on SL3 recently. It is ok and still applicable to SL6. Some names of functions have changed, as well as their placement in menus. I need to watch it again and draw up a ‘translation’ sheet to SL6. I would think it may still be at Groove3. Of course it doesn’t cover use of SL6 through ARA2 in Cubase.