Tweaking ties no longer require alt key

I missed this improvement (useful when you have to input a tied note after a repeat, with an l.v. tie as a workaround), alt key is no longer required to keep the curve of the tie (all handles move when you move the extremities).
It’s probably documented somewhere but I could not find where, and I’m quite confident I’m not the only one who missed that improvement, so here it is :wink:

I recently needed to move l.v. ties but was unable to move them as a whole, only being able to select one of the boxes at one time in Engrave mode. Is there a trick I’m missing? Better yet, is there a setting I’ve missed to prevent l.v. ties from intersecting stems as in this example?

Lv ties.png

There must be, Vaughan, as the factory settings (in both Dorico 2.2 and Dorico 3) give this:

My result comes from the setting in Engraving Options/Ties/‘All above/below noteheads, if possible’. I don’t see why this setting should result in the tie’s intersection of a stem, though. Oh well.

Is there really a way to nudge a tie or a slur in its entirety, instead of one handle at a time (even using Alt to preserve the shape)? With regular slurs and ties (i.e. not l.v. ties after repeats), I haven’t found the improvement Marc mentions in his post (‘all handles move when you move the extremities’).

One more question: when in Engraving Options, what’s the difference, when holding the Alt key, between Remove Saved Defaults and Reset to Factory? And what exactly gets reset, absolutely everything or just the selected engraving option?

I don’t quite understand the change that Marc’s referred to. In both Dorico 2 and 3, if I grab one end of an l.v. tie I can then swifly move it using Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Left/Right. I then need to grab the other end of the l.v. tie and repeat.

In chordal situations the quickest method I know is to type two notes (so that you get the appropriate stem) , apply the l.v. tie to only one note, position the l.v. tie, then go back to Write mode, delete the second note, go back into note entry mode, hit L and play the whole chord. Dorico adds the other notes with identical l.v. offsets to the original note. This won’t work as well with your Engraving Options, I guess, but bear in mind that this chord can be copied and pasted elsewhere, and you can then adjust the notes as necessary. It’s a lot quicker to do than to explain:

The alternative is to grab all of the ends at once (holding down the Cmd/Ctrl key while selecting multiple handles), like so:

Remove Saved Defaults deletes your Saved Defaults for the entirety of Engraving Options.
Reset to Factory removes saved defaults for all Engraving Options for the current project. If you use this button you can still restore your saved defaults by clicking the Reset to Saved Defaults button.

Ok Leo, maybe I was plain wrong in thinking that pressing alt was necessary to keep the curve shape… I’ve been doing it this way since Daniel gave this trick, but maybe it was even before l.v. ties were implemented… Anyways, this thread could still prove to be useful to some of us, otherwise apologies to all!

Thanks, Leo. Perhaps it’d be difficult to implement but it’s a pity we can’t reset Engraving Options for only one of the options instead of (or in addition to) all of them.

I wish there were an option to move the lv tie as a whole (choose all the handles) in Engrave mode, if this is not already possible and I have missed it.

You can move it up/down as a whole but not left/right. Hit Tab until the tie is selected but no handles.

Good to know, but I really needed left and right. Fortunately there were not too many of them and I made the moves numerically via the properties panel; but I still wish, somewhere down the road(map)…

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