Tweeking Windows Computer for both Cubase and Business

Unfortunately, I must use my Windows computer for both Cubase and Business.

Is there any way to set the computer up so that it runs more efficiently for Cubase?
Could I create a separate login that would only load the things needed for audio production?

Any thoughts.

Thanks - Jim

i7 cpu
windows 10
SSD system drive
4 TB internal storage
Dell XPS Desktop

That’s shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to exclude the Cubase folder from your defender antivirus. Also make sure, that the Cubase.exe process and the project “.cpr” files + other DAW file extensions is excluded from realtime background scanning.

You could also check you DPC latency, just in case you have a bad driver raises the DPC latency. I use this free tool:
Start the tool, and let it run for a little time to see if everything is in the green area.

Then you should be good to go without having to do anything else to optimize your DAW.

If you have several programs that do a lot of ad-hoc or periodic accesses to the internet, being ones that could interfere with DAW operations, I would suggest dual-booting, as each OS can be independently optimised, and only include the programs required by each.

I set up mine be installing each OS on their own drive, with no others in the system. They share all the other drives. I use an Icydock MB996SP-6SB ToughArmor 6x 2.5" SATA HDD Hot Swap Mobile Rack, which allows me to swap OSs by just opening the door for the one I don’t want, but only when changing, as the system remembers where it booted from previously.

As for Defender, I find that it is fairly non-intrusive, as it tends to do its stuff during idle times, unless you initiate a scan.

My Icydock has since gone grossly unreliable (failing to boot from either OS disk half the time), so I am now using a US$13 6-way SATA power switch, which allows each drive’s power to be individually switched.

Much more reliable, and saves stressing the drives’ connectors with connecting and disconnecting.