Twisted Smile

Here it is :wink:

Try to make it better…

Kim :wink:

nice chops and enjoy the complexity in arranging… appreciate the professionalism… I really enjoyed the song!


great track

Another great track! Can’t think of anything to suggest. You really know how to get that sound for a song like this.

excellent guitar playing and sound in this track…Kevin

I heard this song from you a while ago - I think you gave me a preview pre-release - and I loved it then. I love it even more now. Great job as always, Kim.

Nice track. Nice clean mix. Well done
Neil B

I’m inspired! Thanks for sharing.

Still sounds great; remember it, but don’t remember enough to identify what changed. Love the guitar. Wish I knew how you make the mix sound so fabulous.

Very impressive.

This certainly inspires me to make music. In short, perfect for out-of-key days

High class all 'round, a more sophisticated piece than usual in that genre.

P.S. 'still using the Sound Blaster…? :wink: