Two 9.5 issues (so far)

I like a lot of the 9.5 revamp but there are two major hassles:

  1. Copying and pasting audio in the editor inserts rather than overwrites. If there is a work round I haven’t found it.
  2. This second bug has added aggravation to aggravation. Between me and Cubase 9/9.5 I managed to corrupt a month’s work on a project. I was trying recover it by rebuilding the project from scratch from the surviving audio files. In the course of this I accidentally opted to close the rebuild without saving – very easy to do when you are juggling with versions. I was presented with a dialog box asking if I wanted to keep or delete the files but there was no option to cancel the operation. Closing the dialog box deletes the lot. This is either a bug or bad design. Of course I had copies of the audio: what I had didn’t have was all the positioning information I’d just spent two hours re-entering.
    One final grouch, dating back years. Why on earth do we still need three separate passwords to deal with different areas of Steinberg?

This has been mentioned here but I haven’t seen a confirmation of it from the Steinberg side as yet. No workaround as far as I am aware I’m afraid other than to copy and paste in a track rather than the Audio editor…which isn’t nearly as convenient.

I suspect bad design, this isn’t the first software that I’ve seen this in, though luckily I’ve not been bitten with it on Cubase yet.

You don’t have to have different passwords…but I assume you’re meaning accounts. :wink:

The shop is different because it’s run by a separate company.