Two Acoustic Agent Kits missing!


I’m trying to figure what the deal is with Acoustic Agent. I installed Cubase Pro 8 this morning and I’m only able to load the Acoustic Agent Studio Kit. Tried Repair Options, Media Bay re-scan, various search with filters engaged but the other two acoustic kits don’t show up. Any ideas? Could someone from support chime in if possible?


Go to load a preset and type “off” In the GA 4se presets :wink: There goes your 2 presets…

Thanks for the help.

That is not the issue though. I get plenty of presets for the Acoustic Studio kit.

The problem is the other two are missing. The vintage Kit and the Rock kit do not show up no matter what.


Hi fireinthefishtank,

I believe you are confusing the new Acoustic Agent SE from Groove Agent SE with the 4 drum kits from the Acoustic Agent in Groove Agent 4. You only get one Kit with 21 presets in Cubase 8.