Two Aggravating Issues with Nuendo 13

I have been trying out N13 with mostly good results, but I’ve found 2 issues that impedes workflow with the new interface.

  1. I use the horizontal zoom a lot when working. In N12, when I zoomed the screen the “playback head” always stayed centered on screen. I could position the playback head and then zoom in. Now the playback head zooms off screen making it difficult to find. I’ve had a few instances where it centered, but most of the time it does not.
  2. In N12 I could hover over the “Sends” and use the mouse scroll wheel to increment/decrement an EFX send quickly and easily. Now the Inserts and Sends are under “Channel” and the mouse scroll wheel does not increment/decrement when hovering over them. Dragging them for small adjustments is very difficult with a 4K screen.

Do either of these issues have a configuration setting to bring back the N12 approach?


The scroll wheel for (several) parameter changes is now turned off by default. You can change this in the preferences:


Do you use the static cursor? There is also a new Preferences > Editing > Zoom. The Use Selection Start as Zoom Achor (which is enaled by default) could be the one, which brings different behaviour.

Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change. This is a new references, which is enabled by default. Disable it, please.

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Also, “scrolling” the sends in the channel edit window still works, even with the disable option checked in the preferences.

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If you disable (uncheck) the option, the mouse scroll-wheel works everywhere. You have to enable (check) the option to restrict the scrol-wheel. Then it works only for the Fader (Volume) and Pan.

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The solutions offered here resolved the issues I was having. Thank you very much for your help.

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