two bars of emptiness

This one’s probably a noob question but I haven’t worked much with midi editing before. So, I created patterns in the Beat Designer and set the number of steps to 16 and the step resolution to 1/8. The first pattern I drag to the instrument lane has the expected length of two bars. However, when I copy this pattern by dragging with the hand symbol (repeat count) copied patterns are four bars. Two bars that are empty and then the beat I made… How can I get a continuous set of patterns of 2 bars length?

Highlight part. Ctrl + K and enter the number of parts you want.

I know, same command as dragging to ‘repeat count’. Point is after repeating I wind up with parts that start with two bars that are empty before the expected two bars with the midi score.

What happens if you delete the blank midi and repeat the newly copied midi bars?

Thread topic sounds like a great title for a song.

Well if it were a blues song it would be “12 Bars of Emptiness”.

…should either become top ten hits any day soon I trust you’ll get your writer’s credit and royalties! :wink:

the double meaning of bar as in “pub” is where I was going. :wink: