Two basic workflow questions

Hi folks,
I’m using Cubase Pro 8.5, and I have a couple basic workflow questions:

  1. I have an Apollo 16. When I start a new project I always have to go in to VST connections and re choose the preset I use for all of the inputs and outputs to be available for me. Is there a way to set in the preferences that all new projects will use this routing?

  2. I often have several audio tracks that are set to monitor the input and then I need to switch between monitoring all those inputs and not monitoring them. Is there a way to toggle on and off all the monitor buttons for a bunch of selected tracks without having to select them individually?


1 : select vst connection make your inputs / ouputs / C.Room save it as preset and it must reload or if not you just have to clic on your preset.

2 : folder is your friend here you can have just one clic to arm record/monitor fr all the tracks Inside the folder track.

For question #1

Are you starting your new projects using a template? It is possible that the template being used does not have the VST Connections saved. So save a new template with the VST Connections you want and use that one for new projects.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks guys. I’ll try your tips. I usually just start with a new empty project-I don’t pick a template. I’ll create one with the routing and try that.